An Extraordinary Purpose

Born to be Great

Purpose (Nia Gilmore) is one of the Hottest Up and Coming female rappers from the Wild Hundreds of Chicago, Illinois. She is 25 years old and currently attending Alabama State University studying Psychology. Purpose have attended many local events winning First Place because of her fantastic performances and musical skills. 

It all started at an early age Purpose was introduced to ballet and tap by her grandparents (Betty and John Lewis) and she began experimenting with music, inspired by her older brothers. Coming up through hard times Purpose was determined to follow her dreams in becoming one of the greatest entertainers of all time which she is on the road to becoming. Her love for music is expressed through every song and tells the stories of her trial and tribulations she has overcome. Purpose is more than just a rapper, she is a great mother to her two-year-old daughter (Nariah) and step daughter (Chesney) and she is the best Entrepreneur with goals in changing the Rap Game. 

For many years she has been working hard developing her musical talents and she is ready to share them with the world. Purpose is currently investing in her dreams traveling to different showcases showing off her wonderful talent as well as maintaining good grades in school. She will be attending the Revolt Summit this year in Atlanta, Georgia and she is looking forward to having a great time while learning vital information to take her music career to the next level. So, feel free to check out her latest single "Someday", make sure to follow her social media platforms to stay updated on new music which will be coming soon!!!